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This site was built to help Android developers to get ratings and reviews.
1 review given = 1 review earned.

Give reviews
1 Review = 1 coin.

--> Go to "Give reviews" section and choose an app to download and review.
--> Download app from Google Play store, rate it 5 stars and give a positive review.
--> Come back to our website and confirm the given review.

Get reviews
--> You get 1 review for 1 coin.
--> Submit your app\'s Google Play store URL here to start getting ratings and reviews.
--> When you have coins available, you can request reviews for your app.
Android Exchange Reviews is a platform for Android app developers to exchange ratings and reviews..

As we all know, today its very difficult to get noticed on the Google Play store. So, high ratings and good reviews are very important for app promotion. This is where our site comes in. We believe that the developers can help each other. Every rating or review is very important and our site provides the solution. We make it easier for developers to exchange reviews and improve their ratings on the Google Play store.

Together, we can be very strong. Help each other and become successful.

To your success in app business ;)